Artisan Wallpaper & Eco Paint

Water Lilly Wallpaper design inspired by the art of Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangements techniques, and its balanced extraordinary beauty.

Available colourway;

DAKOTA BURGUNDY, deep violet/ blue shade of sky at night in Brecon Beacons.

MOTH ORCHID, bold pink paint shade that resembles moths in flight. A colour that brightens every room &

WILD SWIMMING, imagine swimming in clear waters of the Bajkal Lake, considered the deepest lake in the world, hiding the jewels of ancient flora and fauna.

Harmony wallpaper

Creative Process

Artisan Collection fueled by passion for craftsmanship and nature, created by printmaker and surface designer Justyna Medon. Designed for individual clients and eco- interiors, this is why this season we collaborated with Victory Colours to bring to you a very unique range of Eco Paint.

Addicted to Patterns hand-painted and hand screen-printed to meassure wall hangings are always made by panels not rolls, simply because we care to be precise and refuse to produce waste.





Product Features

Illustrative designs by Justyna Medon art for your walls tailored to meassure.

Hand painted and screen-printed wall hangings, textiles, accessories.

Bespoke Colour matching available.

100% Hand made in the UK


collaboration with Victory Colours

Victory Colours Eco Conscious Paint has been developed to produce a tough, yet beautiful, water-based, intelligent emulsion. It has great opacity, excellent coverage, and a little bit goes a long way.
This emulsion is durable, robust and has great wipe-ability properties which make it ideal for use in high traffic areas.   Smooth and easy to apply, giving a luxurious flat matt finish.  
Our eco friendly paint is essentially non-toxic, has ultra low odour, with virtually no VOC’s, and toxins that can emit after drying.  


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